• New York City Stylist
  • New York City Stylist
  • New York City Stylist

"Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it's not a luxury."

Coco Chanel

New York Fashion and Style Expert

I am Luciene Salomone, a Fashion and Style Expert from New York, and I want to share with you my knowledge, taste and expertise to help you look your best! The key to looking great is knowing what works for your lifestyle, body type and personality - not dressing trend to trend.

Regardless of your budget, great style can be found. Often, it is the unexpected item or vintage piece that can create the best outfit. Having elements that work together to create an individual look and make a statement is the true meaning of style.

So many people think that being stylish is something you are born with, and for some it is indeed innate, but I believe it can also be learned. It is about figuring out what looks good and dressing your best everyday. While style extends to all areas of your life, the first step in having style is knowing how to dress. Our clothes and how we wear them create our image and speak volumes without saying a word.

They say you only have one chance to make a first impression. Whether you are walking into a job interview, going on a first date or attending a party, you should walk into a room and make a statement . That statement should be one of confidence, the confidence in knowing that you look great and that you are your most stylish self.